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Timo Vasankari

Timo Vasankari has worked at technology companies in various product development and product management tasks from software developer and project manager to technology director. At Sanako Oy, an international technology company whose products are sold in over 100 countries and with over 6,000,000 users every week, Timo was involved in the founding of the company with investment funds, and as a member of the board, was responsible for its product development and product management functions and technology strategy. In development work, Timo has experience in utilizing his own R&D organization and development partner network and research organizations as well as management of strategic technology partnerships. Before Sanako, Timo worked as a software development director at Teleste Oy and as an ICT consultant and project manager at the Enator group.

Timo knows the dependencies between a company’s business strategy and technology strategy, the challenges and laws of product development in a small or medium enterprise and agile development methods, and is experienced in realizing and developing the business opportunities of product development innovations. He has worked as the main responsible project manager at projects worth 1-4 M€ which have given birth to entire new product families in international business. The solutions developed have been protected with patents and received awards, such as the “Best New Education Solution” Codie award from the Software and Information Industry Association.

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