Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA

Improving the efficiency of production and processes

Are you interested in improving the efficiency of the operation of your company? Is production, for example, a bottleneck for you? Are the roles and responsibilities clear in your company?

In developing operations, the process view has proven to be a fruitful way of developing the company’s performance.

Studying the operation as a whole, getting a realistic picture of the present state and creating a goal template together.

  • Identifying challenges in profitability, the utilization of capacity, quality control or expertise
  • Clarifying the goals accepted and understood by everybody
  • Modeling processes facilitates both risk management and management of change. It also takes into account all parties, clearly revealing expertise or lack thereof. A competitive advantage gained through the development of processes manifests itself in the form of lowered expenses and operation that is more efficient than that of the competitors.

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