Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA

Operative action

In the development of production and operative action, Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA has a tangible, yet methodically very strong and internationally tried touch.

The requirements of modern business are:

  • appropriately measured resources
  • planned and managed know-how
  • modern methods that are efficient and suitable for the situation
  • strategy-oriented measurement of performance

The different functions of a company can no longer live their partly optimized everyday lives; they must be holistic and genuinely proactive in the whole company’s chain of delivery all the way down to the partners. Building sufficient transparency and cross-organizational collaboration is a way to succeed in ever tougher and changing competition. Planning and execution, and how skilled one is at them, require disciplined, systematic management of people and things, a holistic approach to business, speed and agility. Only skilled control of the whole leads to a competitive cost structure. Reliability of delivery simultaneously with a low inventory value requires planning and efficient management of material and data flows. Know-how is extremely important.

It is crucially important to be constantly alert in development: to put the right people to the right tasks they are skilled in, to ensure that operators have sufficiently real-time and correct information about situations, an effective communication system and courage and power to act quickly. In this kind of continuous development, AIKA can help a company with its “everyday hassle”.

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