Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA

Technology management

In technology management consulting, we seek solutions together with company management and R&D that will

  • combine agile methods of development and the long-term goals of company strategy
  • strengthen the company’s technology and product platforms through the implementation of customer projects
  • identify one’s own core area of expertise and ensure its survival and development when there is a desire to expand operations by sub-contracting development work

A product and technology roadmap drawn through consulting that implements the company’s strategy is a key tool for the company for directing and prioritizing its development projects, identifying its needs for R&D expertise and strengthening its core areas of expertise in changing situations affected by external factors, such as turning points in the technology used, or internal factors, such as the company’s desire to grow into new product areas or areas of service. A roadmap that has been phased and drawn from multiple perspectives is also a convenient way of communicating the company’s view of technology and goals to interest groups, such as the partner network, sales channel and current and potential future financiers.

Partner:  Timo Vasankari