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Jouni Leskinen

Jouni Leskinen, Partner

Jouni has worked in development jobs in the software and food industries, including things such as the completion of large ERP projects and development of financial, human resources and IT management. At HK Ruokatalo, he was responsible for development projects in sales and logistics, the group’s IT management (outsourcing and ITIL matters) and the SAP R/3 project. Jouni is skilled with interactive situations and the development of operations in strong collaboration with mid-level management and practical operators.

In consulting, Jouni utilizes his vast experience from several fields of business, and especially the modeling of business processes. The results of modeling are used in projects for analyzing development needs and the planning of the projects themselves. As a frame of reference, the development work utilizes BSC, SCOR, ECR or other BPR models. Process modeling opens a path for continuous development: people are better familiar with the operation as a whole and causal relationships are understood better. Documented process images act as a model that combines development ideas and reality.

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