Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA

Strategic market research

Strategic market research is used to study or test something new and significant. The new must create growth, better profitability and better position in the market for the company. Often this means a leap into the unknown.

By “new” in strategic market research, we mean things such as:

  • Growth leap
  • Consumer testing
  • Development of regular customer relationships
  • Innovative changing of field of business structures
  • In project business, identification of the most potential customers
  • Fast global market testing
  • Market reasons for investment decisions

The basis of Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA’s strategic market research is good familiarity with the client company’s business and a vision of its growth potential. It takes exceptionally intelligent research content to get genuinely correct and reliable answers to questions. Our lengthy experience in business management consulting has created a basis for the ability to see growth potential, to ask the right questions and analyze collected information out of the box.
The target groups of our surveys often include the company’s top management and decision-makers, or very demanding consumers who are often also forerunners. We conduct demanding interviews in person or by phone.