Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA

Consulting for choosing ICT systems

Surveying the needs for ICT acquisitions and directing IT development projects

IT and ICT technology is a tool, channel of communication and even a critical factor of success in the business of almost every entrepreneur. We offer help and expertise for business needs including the following:

  • System acquisition for a SME company – finding the best ICT solution for one’s own business.
  • A SME company that seeks a competitive advantage through an operating practice that differs from the conventional model and seeks suitable ready-made or customized ICT solutions.
  • A technology company whose own core area of expertise is related to in-depth technology skills, but whose selection requires connections to many ICT solutions.

What is important for the acquisition of ICT solutions besides the cost of acquisition is overall cost, which is affected by things such as working life, maintenance fees and any customization required by one’s own operation now and in the future. Finally, the success of the choice is affected by compatibility between one’s own systems and those of the partner network, as well as the manageability and transferability of the created business data as business, customers’ needs and even the terminal devices used change.

Whether we are talking about an e-mail, customer management, intranet or extranet solution or an Internet service targeted at customers, finding the most suitable ICT solution requires identifying the requirements set for the system by one’s own business operation and studying the available choices from their perspective:

  • What are the key requirements one’s own business operation sets for the new system?
  • Which of these are related to critical and which to desirable features?
  • What should be acquired in the form of ready-made software, and what does available software have to offer?
  • What can be customized to better suit one’s personal needs?
  • What opportunities and restrictions does customization create?
  • How does the planned acquisition fit in with future requirements set by growth or change?
  • How to transfer data from old systems, if applicable?
  • What kind of solution should be obtained as a cloud service, and how do the solutions offered under this fashionable term differ from each other?
  • How to compare solutions that differ from each other in terms of overall cost?

The focus point of the operation of a SME company is the development of its own expertise and competitiveness, and broad expertise in ICT technology is not always available within the company itself. A consultant independent from suppliers will survey the key requirements for operation together with the client and provide support in drafting an offer request and full comparison of the offers, and help with questions related to how one’s own operation and processes should be developed to maximize the benefits of the new system.

A successful project could be launched through an assignment of only a few days of consulting. Contact us, and together we will find the right approach for your company.

Partner: Timo Vasankari, +358-40-5546246