Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA

Antti Lehtimäki

Partner Antti Lehtimäki, M.Econ., TMC, ABM (Approved Board Member)

Antti has lengthy experience with business management consulting, market research and various combinations thereof. Excellent examples of this are the growth entrepreneur service built for Southwest Finland Entrepreneurs, which is the most efficient model of operation in Finland for identifying companies seeking growth, identifying the needs for development most crucial to growth and building company-specific development projects.

Antti’s core areas of expertise are strategic consulting, field of business and market analyses, strategic market surveys and funding consulting, especially for crowdfunding. Most client projects have heavily involved a strategic angle of attempting to analytically study new growth alternatives, evaluating them by means of strategic modeling and creating a tangible and logically progressing development project out of the chosen growth strategy.

Over the years, Antti has accumulated experience with the evaluation and development of the business operations of more than one hundred small and medium enterprises.

Antti has been working as a business management consultant since 2008, and is one of the founding members of Konsulttiyhtymä AIKA. In 2008-2010, he managed the operations of innovative strategy consulting house Cone Advisor in the region of Southwest Finland alongside his current job. He has worked as a representative of the global research and consulting company Gartner in Finland in 2001-2007. This task gave him a great vantage point into large and medium enterprises in various fields, as well as a good view of the field of suppliers in the ICT industry. He also has prior practical experience with the management of a growth company and turnaround management.

Antti is a member of SSJS, the Finnish Society of Strategic Management, and TMA Finland, the association of turnaround management consultants. He is a certified turnaround management consultant (TMC) and professional board member.

Tel. +358 (0)40 722 6448